Omega Xi Delta


Article 1. Preamble

We, the members of Omega Xi Delta Fraternity, in order to provide brotherhood and fellowship among all college men and to instill in them a sense of unity, to aid in the education of the community about matters in cultural awareness, to provide an environment whereupon young men will be able to grow together and mature into gentlemen, do hereby construct these bylaws which shall govern all affairs in matters of the Fraternity.

Article 2. Purpose

The purposes of Omega Xi Delta Fraternity are as follows:

  1. To educate and dispel any prejudices concerning Asian cultures by bringing forth each person's unique individuality and diverse cultural background to the community.

  2. To provide a union whereupon men will be able to look towards each other for brotherhood, friendship, and support.

  3. To ensure that the members of this Fraternity will have instilled in them the fundamental virtues and personal strengths worthy of gentlemen, so as to be better prepared for life.