Omega Xi Delta




Struggling to overcome prejudices relating to physical and cultural differences, Asian American immigrants found it difficult to retain their cultural identities and ethnic backgrounds. Much of this cultural amnesia is due to the perpetual assimilation of accepted values and norms that differ from those of our ancestral heritage. Although times have changed, misconceptions still prevail. In the spring of nineteen hundred and ninety-four, nine distinguished gentlemen sought to meet and address these issues and founded Omega Xi Delta, Cal Poly's first Asian-interest fraternity.

Brought together by the need to reshape society to view every one of Asian descent on an equal level, the founding fathers assembled to focus on the accomplishment of this goal. In time the essence of their purpose grew, much like the fraternity. The expansion of those objectives included: resolution, through education, of prejudices concerning Asian cultures; the provision of a union whereupon men would be able to look towards each other for brotherhood, friendship, and support; and the instillation of fundamental virtues and strengths characteristic of gentlemen.

Omega Xi Delta is a proud organization dedicated to the development of cultural awareness. In advocating the exposition of diversity and talent in the Asian community, Omega Xi Delta has extended its arms to welcome the visionary few who are driven towards a better future. Omega Xi Delta awaits you.